My Skin So Far (with pictures!)

This is an overview of how my skin has been so far.

July-August 2012: This was around the beginning of my withdrawal (I stopped using topical steroids on June 23, 2012). The rash began with red bumps on the crooks of my arms, my neck, and my back. After a few days, the bumps started to flake, while other bumps popped up on the underside of my arm. All the effected areas started to darken. My skin felt itchy and EXTREMELY dry. I had to moisturize constantly– even in the middle of the night!

On July 1, my neck and chest were extremely red and dry. I sat out in the sun the following two mornings, and all of that skin flaked off to reveal smooth skin. It was still discoloured, but it otherwise looked like normal skin. Since then, my neck and chest have been the best areas of my TSW skin. The other areas remained flaky, and the rash spread to the rest of my torso. About half-way through July, the extreme dryness went away, and was replaced with moderate dryness. The rash spread to my eyes around the end of July.

August-September 2012: The rash began spreading to my legs, while my eyes got slightly better. The rest of my body was covered in flakes every day. Absolutely no improvements despite the crazy flaking.

My face started to get worse in the second half of August. I got a big rash on my forehead and both of my cheeks.

September-October: I got stressed out with school approaching, so I got a cold sore. The cold sore caused even more stress, and the virus ended up infecting my cheek and neck. I got medication, and that went away quickly. My skin was still covered in flakes, but they became less and less as September progressed.

October: My skin retains moisture a lot better now, it barely itches, and it’s lightening up in teeny patches. Appearance-wise, it still looks the way it did two months ago, but it feels much better, and that’s a big deal. After all, it’s impossible to not think about your skin when it feels super dry and itchy! My forehead is a lot better, too. The skin has finally healed after almost two months of constant flaking. It still has tiny flakes, but I actually appreciate them because they’re fading the discolouration.

On the down side, the rest of my face has gotten worse. My left cheek is really rashy, and my chin is getting bad too. Hopefully they’ll get better in time for my birthday!



2 thoughts on “My Skin So Far (with pictures!)

    • Hi Mandy! I use coconut oil and vaseline. Coconut oil alone doesn’t moisturize enough for me (I don’t feel like my skin absorbs it that well), so the vaseline kind of seals everything in. I put a thick layer of that stuff on before I go to sleep. As for cleansers, and I use Dove soap for sensitive skin.

      Also, I don’t towel dry my skin after showering. I just dance around until all the water’s gone. I find that gives me some extra moisture.

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