Ready to Face the World

As the title says, I’m ready to face the world. I’ve been out and about this past week, and besides the unfamiliar fatigue and bags under my eyes (I’m not used to waking up before 5 pm!), I feel pretty good!

My face is so much better. With each day, the flakes become less and less. Plus, my right hand is amazingly smooth! I’ve had elephant skin on both hands from the get-go, so it’s an awesome reminder that my body is healing. It just takes forever and a day!

I have this unfamiliar joie de vivre (ya know, I’m a typical teen, blasé when it comes to just about everything). This withdrawal really does change you! After all the damage it’s done to my self-esteem and my social life, I just want to get out there and live! I just want to exist somewhere outside of the internet.

So I got a job. And I’m writing for a website again. Of course I’ve taken precautions–I’m not so rash as to assume that I’m out of the woods just yet. The job’s only a week long, and the writing gig is mostly opinion-based, void of face-to-face interviews (okay, so maybe that doesn’t exactly count as “getting out there,” but who cares?). If my skin decides to go haywire anytime soon, it won’t matter!

I think this all goes without saying, when your skin gets better, enjoy it! Take advantage of the smoothness and the itch-free moments, because you don’t know when it’s going to change. Of course, we always hope that each flare will be our last, but we’re never sure. So seize the moment! And if you haven’t had the moment yet, or you’ve just entered another flare, hold on to the memory of perfect skin. It’ll be reality soon enough.



8 thoughts on “Ready to Face the World

  1. Hi Mariella

    I started TSW around the same time as you and the main problem is my zombie face. I read a few of your posts and I must say how I completely understand how you feel (why you decided to take a break from school and doctors advice etc). I started TSW after I quit my job thinking it would be over in a few months. However it seems to be taking longer than I think and my life seems to have come to a halt because I too, would rather just sit at home in front of the tv without worrying about all that other stuff of going out.

    It’s great to hear that you’ve made so much progress and I hope it gets better soon. Mine is nearly there…I guess I can at least start trying to go out once in a while. I look forward to the day when I can have a normal daily and social life!

    • Hi Maikko!

      Yep, “zombie face” is a great description of what we’re going through haha! But I’m looking more and more human each day, and it’s great that you’re getting better too!

      Absolutely try to go out. I know it’s tough (I had to force myself to go to my family’s Thanksgiving dinner at the beginning of October), but I think it’s great mental medicine. It’s probably just coincidence, but I’ve found that my skin gets better once I start going out, and it gets worse when I’m stuck at home. Mind over matter? Who knows?

      Either way, hang out with close friends who you don’t feel self-conscious around. That’ll stop you from thinking about your skin for a while 🙂

  2. “This withdrawal really does change you! After all the damage it’s done to my self-esteem and my social life, I just want to get out there and live!”

    Amen. I know you’re a bit farther ahead in the withdrawal process but I can’t wait until my skin improves. God bless!

    • God bless you too Kristen! I’m sorry you’re flaring right now, but you’ll see improvements soon 🙂 It’s like everyone says, the first few months are the worst. Are you still super itchy?

  3. I’m still itchy at night but I can finally manage it now. I think this is because of acupuncture. Btw, I was looking at your photos again. I think I’m going to post some of mine soon!

    • You should definitely post pictures! It’s so reassuring when you can see your progress 🙂 And that’s great that the acupuncture is helping you! I’m terrified of needles, so it would be a nightmare for me haha!

      • Acupuncture definitely helps me. So glad it is helping to keep the symptoms at bay. I’m just curious about your first few months of TSW. I’m on day 56 and haven’t had a bad flareup since day 40. I read on the forums that flareups really depend on the person and some people can have flares for months. What about you?

      • Well, I’m not too sure about my flares to be honest. I’ve had days when my skin was worse than others (usually around that time of the month), but my skin always had the underlying TSW rash. So, I don’t know if I should consider those bad times to be flares, or if my whole withdrawal so far should be called a flare. On the same note, what can be considered a break? Is that only when your skin looks normal, or is that when your skin is just better than usual? There are too many possibilities haha! I just say that I’ve been flaring since the beginning, and that I’m slowly getting out of it. Hopefully I’ll see some huge improvements around 6 months.

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