A Letter from my Future Self

My skin survived the work week! Through daily makeup, poor eating, and very little sleep, it behaved! 😀 Don’t get me wrong–it was flaky pretty much every single day. But it wasn’t a big deal, and it didn’t make me want to hide in my room. I was surprisingly fine with it (I had to survey to a lot of people up close and personal). That probably has something to do with the fact that I was being payed haha!

Anyways, I don’t know if you believe in astrology and horoscopes or not (I don’t even know if I believe in them half the time), but I do read my horoscope every day. Sometimes it’s eerily accurate, and other times it’s completely off (I just ignore those ones hehe). Yesterday, it was accurate AND thought provoking. Those are the best kind.

Here it is:

“Imagine writing a letter to yourself in the past:

‘Dear person I used to be, There is no need to be upset about half the issues that are bugging you because they really aren’t as problematic as they seem.

P.S. You are coming up to a point when everything starts to be making a lot more sense.

Yours sincerely, the person you later became!’

You may not be able to send such a message back from the present, but you can certainly receive one from your future self, right now!…”

I’ve written letters to my future self, but never from my future self. I guess now would be a good time to start, so here goes:

Dear Present Mariella,

You’re going through some crappy times right now. You’re going through something that will break you down and leave you to pick up the pieces (You know all too well that I mean that literally, what with the incessant flaking). But as sucky as it is, you will be better and stronger because of it.  Every dream that you have, you’ll reach, because once you’re better, nothing’s going to hold you back.

I know that your biggest worry is that your skin will never go back to normal, so I have to tell you that you’re right.

Your skin will be the best its ever been!  I can attest to that because, well, I’m living in it, and I’m loving it. No more long sleeves and scarves for you, no sir! You’re on your way to freedom, so smile, take a deep breath, and dust off those t-shirts! Everything will be fine. You will be fine, so don’t worry.


Future Mariella 🙂

What would you write to your present self?


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