Progess Pictures 5 Months In

I haven’t posted in a really long time hehe. Sorry about that! I had a huge breakdown, so I’m going to counselling now.

Skin-wise, things are okay. Some things are better, and some are worse.

I know people say that diet and supplements don’t affect our skin, but I noticed that my skin got worse once I stopped taking my supplements (evening primrose oil, vitamin D, zinc, and red krill oil). I started taking them again 2 days ago, and my skin has improved. My face is less flaky.

I have a feeling it’s the zinc, but it could just be coincidence. Does anyone else take zinc?



One thought on “Progess Pictures 5 Months In

  1. hi mariella im going thru the same exact thing and i need someone to talk to u can add me on fb my name is Chris belchior

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