What’s Happened in Six Months?


I passed the six-month mark a few days ago, so I decided to write about all the things that have improved in these long months.

1. I don’t have to moisturize every 5 seconds. In fact, I can get away with moisturizing 3 times a day now- once in the morning, once after I shower, and once before bed. (For the record, I’m still using coconut oil and Vaseline.)

2. My hands are 87.5% healed! I got so used to having to pull my sleeves up all the time when I went out to cover up my rashes. Yesterday, I was about to pull them up when I looked at my hands and remembered that I don’t have to do that anymore 🙂

3. My arms, chest, and stomach are lightening up! I had major discolouration all over my torso, so I’m extremely relieved that it’s actually fading!

4. The itch has died down a lot. For the last month, my thighs and my neck have been driving me crazy! But they’re not so bad anymore.

My face is still flaky, but I’m hoping it will get better soon. It’s been like this for 4 months after all! I think I’m at the point where the sun would make my skin 5 billion times better, but it’s winter here in Canada, so I have to wait until the weather isn’t so miserable. Hopefully another six months will do the trick, and I’ll be able to get  my life back on track!

Happy Holidays!




2 thoughts on “What’s Happened in Six Months?

    • Happy Holidays to you too!
      You’re right! I’ll definitely put up pictures. My sister just bought a fancy camera, so they’ll be good quality too X)
      You should put a counter on your blog too! You can set it up with the widgets menu.

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