Progress Pics: 6 Months


I really should update this blog more often, but to be honest, I don’t really have anything new to say. Progress is so darn slooooow! But it does happen. I promise.

My neck’s still rashy, as are my legs. They’re the worst spots for me, itch-wise. Actually, my legs are surprisingly bad, considering that I barely put steroids on them. I used mostly on my neck, arms, and face, and yet they’re way better than my legs. It’s so weird and frustrating. This TSW is impossible to figure out!

On the upside, one side of my face has finally improved! For months, I’ve had two really bad rashes on both sides of my nose (most of my rashes are symmetrical) that just kept flaking over and over again. Now, the left side has calmed down and actually looks somewhat normal. I just hope that the other side will follow suit, because that’s how it’s been with my other rashes.

Treatment-wise, I’ve been taking super hot showers so that I’ll sweat. They do the trick, but they dry out my skin like crazy, and dry skin means itchy skin, and that’s no fun. Exercise is the next best thing. Okay, it’s better than hot showers, but my skin itches like crazy when I work out. Either way, my skin is going to itch. Hehe.

Anyways, here are my progress pictures. Technically, I’m almost 7 months into withdrawal, but I took these pictures at the beginning of January. So we’re travelling back in time! How cool is that?!


Hope your skin’s getting better,



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