8 Month Update

Okay, sorry for the lack of posts. I would write more often if there was something to write about, but there isn’t. That in itself is both good and bad.

Things haven’t gotten any worse, but they haven’t gotten that much better either. My skin’s stagnant, and that’s possibly THE most frustrating state ever.

My legs are still driving me crazy, along with my neck. They aren’t as itchy, which is progress, but it’s not good enough! They’re just really dry and rashy. Arrrggg!!

And my face has started to break out! I haven’t had any acne in months, despite constantly caking coconut oil and vaseline onto my skin. Now, I have tons of it! I know it’s just a part of the healing process (I think my skin’s starting to make its own oils again), but it sucks.

I just want one place to be completely healed. After 8 months of this, I’ve accepted it, but I’m so tired of it. My skin has gotten so much better, but it’s still holding me back. Or I guess I’m letting it hold me back. I can’t help but worry about a second wave of flaring, and I can’t stop thinking that everything will be better once my skin’s better. But I want things to be better now, because my skin shouldn’t dictate how I live.

My life has been completely derailed, yet as much as I want to get back on track, I think I’ve become lazy and more than a little nonchalant. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’ve had it with TSW.


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