9 Months Later

Hello again 🙂

I’ve officially been off steroids for 9 months. My skin is still in a state of stagnation. I’m going to France this month, so I hope that my skin will either stay the same, or get better. Obviously I prefer the latter, but I’m worried that my skin will go through another flare soon. I  don’t know what my skin will be  like in a month’s time, and that’s the most frustrating thing for me. All I can do is hope that things will be okay.

At the same time, I’m actually really looking forward to this summer. I just feel like my skin will be amazing once I get the sun! Bring on the unbearable heat!

On a different note, I’m going to the doctor soon to check out a rash that I’ve had for 5 months. I thought it was just from TSW, but now I’m not so sure.  It’s right beside my eye, and it just keeps flaking over and over again. Technically, I have a low risk for skin cancer (I’m brown, and I’ve never really been one to go out in the sun too much), but I did use Protopic and Elidel for a while, and they both increase your risk of cancer. Needless to say, I’m really freaking out. I hope it’s just a really stubborn rash!

(I was just being dramatic at the time! I read a pamphlet on skin cancer, so that sparked worry and concern that maybe the rash was something serious. But it wasn’t! It took a long time to heal, but it’s better now 🙂 There’s still a bit of a scar, but that will go away soon enough. TSW is a really messed up thing with really weird symptoms, but more often than not, they’re perfectly normal! So don’t panic like I did. It’s not worth losing what little sleep you have.)



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