Sailing into Month 10

Hi everybody!

I’m finally 10 months into withdrawal! It’s pretty exciting, in a weird way. I mean, I haven’t really been doing much in the past year, so days just blur into one another and I lose track of time. But when another month is crossed off, it a whole different story. It feels like an accomplishment, and it is! TSW is an awful ordeal, and you need a lot of strength and endurance to go through it. It must be so tough for everyone just starting out, especially because you know what to expect. But it’s definitely a worthwhile decision, and you will heal!

I still have lots acne, especially on my forehead :S But the worst thing is the scarring! Arrrg! My skin just went from being rashy to spotty, with no break in between! Oh well, it’ll clear up eventually.

Also, I’m pretty sure my second flare has begun. It started a couple of weeks ago with the usual itchy bumps that morphed into discoloured rashes. But it has calmed down a bit in the past few days, so it’s not as bumpy now. Also, it mostly confined to my neck and chest, with just a small dry patch on my face. Hopefully it won’t spread to my arms again! They’ve been doing so well for the past few months!

Anyways, this is a bit random, but if you like movies and are interested in how visual effects are made, check out my sister’s demo reel! She’s been working on this day after day for months, and now it’s finally done. It looks really amazing, and no, I’m not biased. (Okay, maybe I am a little, but it really is fantastic work haha!) She recreated the Jolly Roger from Peter Pan! How enchanting!


Happy healing,



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