One Year Later!

Hey everybody!

I just wanted to do a quick update! It’s finally been a year since I stopped using steroids! Well, technically, it’s been a year and six days, but I’m posting this late. As usual.

Anywho, my skin isn’t looking so hot at the moment. It decided to act up recently, most probably because I’ve been working out a lot. Once I sweat, my skin gets itchy and bumpy, and then I scratch it until it’s raw, and so it goes. But it’s only on my neck, chest, and inner arms, so it’s not that bad.

My face is a million times better. The dreaded acne phase is over! Huzzah! I still break out around that time of the month, but that’s normal. All that remain are the scars, which will fade soon enough. Time is the best healer after all!

My legs are still lagging behind with the healing, but I’ll write more on that later. Plus I’ll post pictures as soon as my sis takes them! (She’s a lazy photographer haha!)

Until then,




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