15 Months. When will this be over?


I just finished up 15 months with this. Ugh. It’s bad.

My skin has been extremely itchy, disrupting my sleep and my work. It’s really tough being in school right now. I thought that things would be better by now, but they aren’t.

There have been improvements, but not in places that matter. My legs are finally starting to heal and return to their normal colour.

But my neck, chest, and arms? Fguhdhjgkj my brain feels foggy from the lack of sleep. That’s all I want to do–sleep. But I can’t because I have so much work to do, and when I actually do try to get some zzz’s, the itching kicks in.

And my face is rashy! UGGGGHH! My eyelids are wrinkly and puffy. I hate waking up, because I never know what horrors will stare back at me in the mirror.

This is definitely worse than the first flare. It’s not as widespread, but it’s extremely intense and wicked wherever it is. So much stresssssss.

Hope you’re doing better,



2 thoughts on “15 Months. When will this be over?

    • Hi Dan,

      So sorry for the late reply! I definitely appreciate the recommendation. I’ve been reading so much about MW, so I have taken it up. I’m still lightly moisturizing my hands and arms once a day though. Does that hinder healing? And does this mean that I can never moisturize again, even when I’m completely healed? Because I kind of like using my nicely scented creams haha! I guess I’ll find out one day.

      MW certainly has helped though. My neck–a huge problem area for me–is much more tolerable đŸ™‚ And my skin overall feels stronger. Still super dry, though. Hopefully things will be better in a month! And of course, I hope you’re doing well too! Thanks a lot!

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