19 Months: Things are Finally Turning Around

And the award for Worst TSW Blogger Ever goes to me!

Sorry for the long silence. I have tons of half-written posts, but they were all overwhelmingly negative, so I decided not to write anything at all. October, November, and December were dreadful. My skin was super itchy, I couldn’t sleep, I felt hopeless blah blah blah. I don’t need to tell you how it feels.

But then I tried moisturizer withdrawal, and things improved really quickly! The awful splits that I had all over my neck, arms, and hands healed within a week. And my skin overall just got a lot smoother. I’m not nearly as furfuraceous as I was a month ago 🙂

I don’t know if I can owe this healing completely to MW, seeing as things tend to get better for people around month 18. But I whole-heartedly believe that it helped. I should mention that I am moisturizing again, but it’s just once a day after I shower as opposed to every couple of hours. It just feels right for me. Plus I actually like moisturizing.

So yeah, things are getting better, the discoloration is lightening up, and I’m feeling more human. Hopefully I’ll get around to posting pictures soon!


6 thoughts on “19 Months: Things are Finally Turning Around

  1. Great news! It’s always wonderful to hear happy stories about improvements.

    And by the way, you are NOT the worst TSW blogger on the block, don’t be so hard on yourself! Some bloggers only ever write one blogpost and never update ever again. I have plenty of those on my blog roll. I think your blog is great.

    So thanks again for sharing your improvements and I’m glad you found a method that suits your skin. X

    • Thank you so much Louise! That means a lot coming from you!

      I’ll definitely do my best to update more often, seeing as improvements are the best part of TSW 🙂

    • Thanks Dan! I’m so glad I made the jump. My skin’s doing amazingly at almost 21 months 🙂 No moisturizing required!

    • Aww thanks! My skin’s doing amazingly at almost 26 months 🙂 I’m sorry to read that you’re going through a tough time! All I can say is that it will get better, even if it only seems to be getting worse. My last flare took 6 months to heal, but it did. Yours will too!

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